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Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance renews Manufacturers Advisory Council

SAN ANTONIO (February 25, 2010) – Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (Alliance), promoting the Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper brands, is pleased to announce that the Manufacturers Advisory Council (MAC) has been reactivated after a short hiatus.

Members of MAC were selected from a long list of volunteers that expressed interest in sharing their time and talents to serve on this noteworthy assembly of Alliance vendor partners. Meetings take place bi-annually during the Alliance Shareholder Meetings with regularly scheduled conference calls in between. Members serve staggered terms lasting up to three years.

“Our group knows the importance of relationships and recognizes that our vendors aren't just business associates — they're partners,” said Steve Marks, senior vice president marketing and advertising. “By getting direct and real time input from our key partners, those that serve on our Manufacturers Advisory Council, can only make a positive impact on our shareholders, vendors, and customers.”

This select group of 13 diverse individuals will help shape marketing and sales programs by providing input prior to promotions and sales initiatives being launched. The Alliance is proud to recognize the 2010 MAC.

Bill Sheehan
Affinia Group Inc.

Jay McCorry
Bosch Brake Components, LLC

Gary Martin
CARDONE Industries, Inc.

A.J. Alvarez
Dorman Products, Inc.

Glenn Barco
Exide Technologies

Pete Witkamp
Federal-Mogul Corporation

Rob Larsen
Gates Corporation

Doug Kaufman
Anchor Industries, Inc.

Doug Kubinak
East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Mack Gregory, AAP
Peterson Manufacturing Co.

Garey Lange
Standard Motor Products, Inc.

Larry Friesner
Tenneco, Inc.

Scott Street

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